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Buy Show and Go

Animal Natural/ReNature Show and Go is the ultimate all-in-one equine supplement, replacing a dozen other products; joint, vasodilator, omegas, immune, performance, vitamin/mineral, blood builders, anti-stress, coat conditioners and more. 100% natural, human grade ingredients increase performance, health, and immunity while fighting stress with virtually zero chance of overdosing. Show and Go is converted into muscle, not fat for an ultra-fit equine. Horses look better, perform better and feel better.

  • Protein Synthesis - Repair and growth of muscle, packs on lean functional muscle.

  • Joint Strength - Supports connective tissue repair and growth, reduces swelling and pain.

  • Performance Factors - Buffers lactic acid, provides carb loading and increases oxygen intake.

  • Lowers Stress Hormones - Counters cortisol, reduces anxiety, boosts imunity.

Directions: Feed recommended dosage twice a day. For maximum benefit feed the second ration within an hour after exercise. Great tasting Show and Go may be sprinkled directly on feed.

Average exercise - 1 - 2 scoops twice a day (pleasure, young & senior horses, brood mares, stallions)
Extreme exercise - 3 - 4 scoops twice a day (jumping, racing, endurance, cutting, etc.)
Recovery/rehab - 1 -2 scoops twice a day (post surgical, post injury)

10 lb bag 72 servings
26 lb bucket
50 lb bag

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